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Royal Thai Massage Part 2 : Rules of Practice for Royal Thai Massage

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Royal Thai Massage

Chapter 2: Rules of Practice for Royal Thai Massage

Royal Thai Massage

          It is a massage that has been inherited from the palace. Take a massage for the King royal family lords Massage is the use of fingers and palms to massage only, emphasizing the masseuse's personality, posture, and politeness. Taking into account the beauty in the massage posture, applying the weight of the hand in the direction of the force correctly, slowing, focusing, still, having softness. but has the power to massage Important things to consider Angle and angle of massage If practiced incorrectly, it can cause aches and pains.

Royal regulations before the massage Always do the following

1. Kneel about 4 elbows away from the patient's toes, walk knees in a respectful position toward the patient (three khumkhum)

2. Sit with one cubit away from the patient (1 hand) at the patient's knee level. Turn the toes toward the patient's toes. pay homage to the person being massaged And to commemorate the teacher.

3. Take the pulse of the wrist. (high wind) and ankle pulse (Preliminary wind) is an assessment of the condition of blood flow and wind whether it is normal or not. If the blood flow is difficult to walk Massage may cause the patient to lose consciousness.

4. While massaging, one must not lower his head to breathe, or lift his head, squint his eyes until it is disrespectful and disrespectful.

Morals and ethics of royal Thai massagers

1. Do not drink alcohol

2. Do not deceive, do not feed a fever

3. Do not flirt, be polite, do not show lewd gestures or use verbal abuse.

          In addition, must not perform massage in other orbital places such as hotels, teahouses, gambling establishments. Gambling in opium apothecary, hospitals, public places, etc., but may go to massage at home if necessary. Must have personal morals and ethics It will make the service recipient impressed. and has a good attitude towards traditional masseuses. Therefore, the study authors would like to present ten characteristics of a good masseuse, which every masseuse should adhere to as a guideline.

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