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 What is burn with herbs ? 

          Burn with Herbs is one of the Thai traditional medicine uses the principle of enhancing the fire element of any part of the body, providing heat through the herb medicine in the area where it is required to treat the disease to treat patients with fire.

 Benefits of burn with herbs 

          Suitable for those with flatulence. Non-sub foods (from slack) Allergy to Air (extreme water) Patients with paralyzed paralysis (with limp, cold, muscular, soft muscles, There is no strong strength) and chills in the weakness of the slack. It can be burned in many parts according to the body, such as the abdomen, the number of metabolic cycles, depending on the symptom, can be done 5-9 times, by warm flame, the body will be able to penetrate the drug into the right spot and faster than the drug. There are also no side effects from eating such as nausea.

 Matters needing attention 

          Due to the metabolism, it stimulates blood circulation. Therefore, it should not be done with people with a menstrual headache. The heat is tired from the sun, there is a shortness of pain in the surgical wounds, or with a condition such as heart disease, high blood pressure is caused by burning, as it may cause recurrent symptoms. As well as those with severe dermatitis as a wound, it is simple to have diabetes, paralysis, paralyzed muscles, weakness, because the use of heat near the skin can cause ulcers.

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