Thai Herbal Steam

>> Thai Herbal Steam <<

>> Benefits of Herbal Baking

          • Helps relieve cold-nosed symptoms
          • Helps relieve chronic asthma, make the lungs grow well. Clear Respiratory system More versatility no                             uncomfortable
          • Reduce high blood pressure
          • Gives you a fresh feel
          • Make the mother's uterus after delivery into the garage faster.
          • Help cure beriberi, numbness in the toes as fingers, arms and legs.
          • Relieve muscle aches.
          • Reduces body fat

>> Matters needing attention

          • Have a high fever
          • All types of serious contact diseases
          • Women during menstruation with the symptoms of fever. And headache associated with
          • There is inflammation from the wound.
          • The temperature should be 40-60 ℃. Duration approx. 10-15 minutes/Time

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