Saunas are curing at temperatures of 65-90 degrees Celsius, with various heat sources. Including the burning of logs Use an electric heater. Including the use of infrared radiation The sauna will cause the body to sweat a lot. Normally, it only takes 15-30 minutes at a time. Because if too long it can be dangerous.

Is the sauna really useful?

In the olden days, saunas were popular because they were a meeting place for people in the neighborhood. But now there is research about the benefits of going to bake in a hot room. Therefore make many people interested in saunas because they believe that there are health benefits in various fields such as.

 - Helps relieve stress Which may be the main reason why people go to the sauna to say Because when the body temperature rises Blood vessels will expand, allowing the blood to feed more parts of the body. Therefore makes you feel refreshed and relieved from stress.

 - Muscle recovery after work After tired from work or exercise Going to the sauna is a good recovery because when the circulatory system works more, it helps the muscles and joints to be restored as well.

 - Good for people with heart disease Because the blood vessels that expand while in the sauna make the heart need to pump more blood. Therefore like exercising the heart muscle as well The study found that people who regularly go to the sauna are at a lower risk of death from heart disease as well.

 - Reduce the risk of stroke From a sample study in Finland Found that people who go to the sauna regularly have a lower risk of stroke compared to those who go to the sauna only temporarily.


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