Health Promotion and Development Institute for Aging Society and health care for the elderly internationally



          1. Research to build knowledge with health sciences

          2. Providing academic services to the community and society

          3. Teaching management support

          4. provide health services promote health, prevent disease and restore the health of the elderly

Key result area

          1. Produce graduates of top quality

          2. Providing academic services and technology transfer to communities and international societies.

          3. Conservation and development to serve as a center for arts and culture

          4. Research, innovation and knowledge

          5. Build a network with leading universities in ASEAN

          6. It is a university with flexibility in management.


          1. Knowledge capital

          2. Morality

          3. Partnership

          4. Professionalism

          5. Culture that "Being a good example in the way of Rattanakosin"


          goodness and conduct in Thai ethics and respect for elders


          Practitioner, good at academics, proficient in thinking, and has a public mind.


          The focus of the palace, Cultivate a body of knowledge, Uphold the virtues to hono, To be a global learning organization

Core Values

          1. Wisdom & Creativity

          2. Happiness & Loyalty

          3. Integration & Collaboration

          4. Professionalism