About us

          Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University provides teaching and learning in medical science. health science including applied Thai traditional medicine It has developed and established a health care center for the elderly and takes care of the elderly with integrated medicine. which is consistent with the policy of the Ministry of Public Health, namely, development, promotion and support Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine for health care for the people. together with the survey found that the lower central region and the upper southern region The elderly health service center has not yet been established. 

          Center of Excellence in Elderly Care Born from the policy of teaching and learning in medical science health science public health Applied Thai Traditional Medicine and Integrated Medicine To serve as a center for students' practice in related courses as well as being a center for providing health care services with integrated medicine research and training Providing academic services to society for the elderly and the general public Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Council Therefore, it was resolved to approve the establishment of "Center of Excellence in Elderly Care" was established on 29 November 2017 in order to develop towards academic excellence and international recognition. by defining the vision of being good social model university in the area of Bang Kaeo Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Songkhram Province

          A medical care model that is appropriate for the age range and continuing care has been established. to restore health Health promotion, disease prevention, surveillance and disease detection at an early stage Analyze health and age-related needs for proactive services and formulate pre-aging care guidelines. It covers anti-aging and rejuvenation medicine. by providing medical services incorporating both Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine as well as health promotion disease prevention medical treatment and health rehabilitation for the elderly including anti-aging medicine services for the general public By adhering to the Ettakka policy, it aims to be a center of excellence in healthcare and senior citizens internationally.

          The Center of Excellence in Elderly Care is both a proactive and reactive service facility. For the elderly and for the general public, Proactive is an integrated medical service facility. to provide health services in this service center It consists of providing medical services. both traditional Thai medicine and alternative medicine This is to encourage visitors to have good health and prevent disease for alternative medicine. which anti-aging medicine services to promote health and beauty Exercise and restore health. using water or hydrotherapy The use of water properties in the treatment of diseases. or passive disorders, is a nursing home for the elderly by providing holistic health services for the elderly Caring for the elderly aged 60 years and over by providing round-trip services Short-term and long-term stays for the elderly who want to rest to restore physical health and treat chronic illnesses. Must be supervised in terms of medication intake eating Helping with daily routines which requires special care or even a healthy elderly person. can come to stay as well Because there are health care services and age-appropriate activities for the elderly for a good quality of life, happiness and reduction of worries of children who do not have time.

          In addition, the Center of Excellence in Elderly Care It is also a training and practice facility for staff and students of integrative medicine in geriatric care and anti-aging medicine. It is also an academic service center. Research and knowledge building in health sciences for local and social development, such as studying and researching to develop a care system for the elderly in social dimensions; The use of local herbs To protect yourself from the Covid-19 virus, teach you how to make cloth masks, including giving cloth masks. Alcohol gel and herbal products for people in Samut Songkhram province.

          Center of Excellence in Elderly Care It is another agency that is leading the policy on the elderly. come into practice with concrete and clearly effective by integrating working with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MOD), such as working on social welfare arrangements for the elderly in the area; Samut Songkhram Province Develop an information system for volunteers to take care of the elderly at home with an Application and a workshop project to enhance knowledge skills in an 18-hour Basic Elderly Care Program for Volunteers for Social Development and Human Security (MD).

          The development of excellence in caring for the elderly Requires commitment and expertise of personnel who want to be a leader in the field of elderly care Applying various fields of medical science to care for the elderly to respond to the needs of both health and lifestyle As the elderly have different problems and care needs, training is therefore provided to transfer knowledge on elderly care to personnel. students in related fields and guests It also integrates with other agencies to develop into a center of excellence in caring for the elderly at the international level.

          To be in line with the National Economic and Social Development Plan focusing on the aging society University Board of Directors Has resolved to change the name of the Center of Excellence in Elderly Care to "Health Promotion and Development Institute for Aging Society" on Monday, January 10, 2022 and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Council. Consider and approve the regulations of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University On the administration and operation of the Institute for Health Promotion and Development for the Elderly Society B.E. 2022 on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.


Organization name

          Health Promotion and Development Institute for Aging Society

                                   Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University       

Reasons and necessity

          Thailand is entering an aging society as the rapid decline in fertility causes structural changes in the population of all age groups. along with economic development Society, the advancement of medical technology and public health of the country that has resulted in People live longer causing the trend of the elderly population to increase rapidly in both number and proportion It is predicted that there will be a complete aging society by 2025. The Thai government is aware of the increasing number of elderly people and therefore has a policy that is more responsive and supportive of an aging society. which stipulates in the National Economic and Social Development Plan to have laws and regulations to support the quality of life of the elderly

          1. Research to create body of knowledge in health sciences
          2. Providing academic services to the community and society
          3. Teaching management support
          4. provide health services Promote health, prevent disease and restore the health of the elderly