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How many eggs can you eat per day??

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How many eggs can you eat per day??
Consuming eggs wisely will provide the body with a variety of nutrients that are sufficient for the body's needs. Does not cause nutritional disease. How many eggs should you eat per day?
1. Children aged 6 months and up should eat boiled egg yolk mixed with mashed rice. Give a small amount at first and then gradually increase it for children aged 7 months and up to teenagers. You can consume 1 egg per day.
2. Healthy working people consume 3-4 eggs per week.
3. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood fat should consume 1 egg per week. or according to the doctor's advice

How to eat safely and get benefits
Cooked eggs should be consumed. This is because undercooked eggs are at risk of being contaminated with microorganisms that cause health hazards, and uncooked egg whites will prevent the absorption of biotin. In addition, undercooked eggs are difficult to digest. Resulting in not receiving the full benefits and most importantly, consumers should consume a variety of foods and complete with all 5 food groups.
With each meal, fresh fruits and vegetables along with regular and appropriate exercise will help reduce cholesterol and excess fat levels to normal.

Credit: Bureau of Nutrition, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health