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Walking aids

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2024-03-25 15:50:15

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Walking aids are devices used for people who have difficulty walking. Can walk more easily Helps to have good balance. Supports body weight Makes it possible to move safely There are many types of walking aids, including:

1. Walking stick (cane)
It is a device that is used in one hand. To help support the body Makes you have better balance. Because it increases the body's weight-bearing base, it is lightweight, suitable for the elderly or people with knee pain or hip pain who can still walk on their own or who have temporary walking problems, such as a flipped leg. People with problems weakness A cane will help with energy and balance while walking. It will not be suitable for people who have problems with broken bones. Because it doesn't support enough body weight.

2. 4-legged walking aid (walker)
It is the most stable device. Because it has a wide base to support weight. Lightweight and easy to walk on Suitable for the elderly or people who have poor balance problems. But the 4-legged walker is large and bulky, and walking is not normal. Because the arm doesn't swing. and unable to go up and down stairs

3. Crutches
It is a walking aid that takes up a lot of space for walking. Must be held with both hands, so people who use crutches must use a lot of energy to walk. Therefore, it is suitable for patients who are relatively young. Has good arm strength in both arms and does not have any medical conditions that cause fatigue. Used on patients with broken legs, sprained legs, or paraplegics. There are many types of crutches, depending on the patient's weight support and ability to balance.