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16 January National Teacher's Day

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2024-01-16 10:17:20

National Teacher's Day

       "Orchid", a symbol of Teacher's Day The 1996 Teacher's Day Organizing Committee saw that the nature of orchids was similar to education and the life conditions of teachers, as in the poem of Mom Luang Pin Malakul, the patriarch of the Thai education industry, that ...orchids have As it blossoms slowly, so does education. But whenever it blossoms, it becomes beautiful and outstanding. The work of teaching, cultivating, and molding. When finished, it was beautiful... so it was designated as the teacher's day flower. And with each bouquet of orchids will blossom. And it takes a long time and requires quite a bit of care and attention. Just like each teacher teaches and disciplines. One disciple after another was able to make progress in life. It takes quite a bit of training and teaching as well.