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6 Thai herbs to treat osteoarthritis

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2023-12-08 10:01:49

6 Thai herbs to treat osteoarthritis 

1. Phet Sangkhat

This type of herb It is a climbing vine. The bark of the vine is smooth and jointed. The vine of Phetchangkhat looks like a bone. It is a plant that looks like a bone joint. It has properties in nourishing bones, relieving pain, anti-inflammatory, and contains flavonoids that make blood vessels strong.

2. Vine Priang

Herbs that were widely used in the past It is commonly found on farms and rice fields. During the rainy season, white flowers bloom in beautiful bouquets. Young shoots can be eaten. Properties in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and aches and pains of bones and joints.

3. Sesame

Excellent nourishing oil plant Sesame is rich in important nutrients, rich in calcium and phosphorus. Eat with various nuts and grains. It will make you get nutrients that are necessary for bone strength. The properties of sesame in being a bone tonic.

4. Grass Khadmon

Khat family herbs It has properties in solving various problems such as pain, joint pain, and urination. It is used to treat joint pain, aches and pains, and nourish tendons, including muscles and bones.

5. Weak tendon

It is one herb in medicine. Three Duk Si N To preserve bones and ligaments Properties used in treating bones and tendons, relieving tight tendons, and helping to loosen tendons. and stretch the tendons

6. Yo

Nearby herbs was used for cooking or made into a poultice to relieve pain Treat sprains Ripe fruit can be used to eat. Ground noni is applied to the skin to kill germs. Currently, it is used to treat various diseases such as gout and high blood pressure. Muscle and joint pain, joint pain, etc.

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