Standards and Quality Control in Operations

          The Center of Excellence in Elderly Care was established as an agency under the supervision of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Because it is a health care center for the elderly, it is related to many professions. such as medicine, nursing, Thai traditional medicine chinese medicine medical science health science

          The six principles of good governance are the rule of law, the principle of morality, the principle of transparency. principle of participation principle of responsibility Value principle The service standard system for Thai traditional medicine and integrated medicine is in accordance with the standards of hospitals. The hospitals that will be assessed are considered from various aspects as follows: location, tools, equipment and operational environment. quality control and service management This is for people to receive quality services. are thoroughly and equally secure The internal control system shall proceed as follows:

               1. The Center of Excellence in Elderly Care will prepare an annual report and submit it to the Board of Directors at the end of every fiscal year. This report shall refer to the results of the Center. in the past year Including clarifications on the policies of the project steering committee and plans to be prepared in the future

               2. To develop and improve the center's operational system to be effective achieve results Build public accountability and trust in college affairs. as well as monitoring the progress and monitoring the college's operations in accordance with the objectives, projects and plans that have been established. by assessment The assessor must be an impartial body of people. has expertise in assessment There is no interest in the college or any conflict of interest. by selecting or appointing as prescribed by the steering committee

               3. The evaluation of the college's performance must show the facts in terms of performance. in terms of effectiveness and in the field of organizational development, academic matters, and in other details as additionally prescribed by the Steering Committee